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SEO, & Web Design: The Practice

James Woods - Monday, June 11, 2012

It seems to be that web designers, and search engine optimization professionals are almost like doctors and lawyers. We all research and research the important, and new things in our field to better serve our clients. Both doctors and lawyers both have a “practice” and I think that it's almost as appropriate to say the same with web design and search engine optimization.

Why is Web Design & SEO a Practice?

Because the field is changing as rapidly as the technology behind it. Things like high-speed internet, faster computers, and better code have driven web design forward by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Search engine optimization is an even more recent development. People are just now realizing how important it is to be not only online, but also to be found on a search engine. With new algorithms being developed by Google to better filter search results, search engine optimization professionals must change their methods to keep up, or suffer the consequences.

So that is why web design and search engine optimization are like a doctor's “practice.” The rules are constantly changing, and we keep working hard to learn the new things.

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